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The unknown  / April Biggs (Stranger (never met you) )  Read >>
The unknown  / April Biggs (Stranger (never met you) )
I never knew you or your story till recently.. I’m sorry for what happen and how it happen but I want you to know, God used your story to help give me a knew outlook on life in some aspects I struggled with! I’m very sorry that you missed out on the opportunity of your adult lifetime here... I can’t stress how much I’ve cried over this wanting someone to know, I just wish someone would’ve helped you! I love you and I will see you at heavens gate when I get there bro and I look forward to it! Close
Candle light  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)  Read >>
Candle light  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)
My sweet Derek,
Last Friday we attended the Candle Light service at Crestlawn.  Your spirit was there with us I am sure!  Your flowers were so beautiful and I am so glad I am able to attend this service for you!

When we come together This Sunday, You will be on our minds and we will all miss you once again.  I  am looking forward to the day we will all be together again and my prayer is that we all prepare to meet you in Heaven.

Still missing you but holding fast to your Memory,

Mimi Close
Merry Christmas  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)
Merry Christmas sweet Derek! Close
Derek / Tony Williams (Father)  Read >>
Derek / Tony Williams (Father)
It's been 8 year's and the pain never goes away. Still seem like yesterday. I think God for showing me the peace we have when were in his arm. It was a special dream that night, when God put his arms around me to show me what peace and grace really was and to show me where you are.Think you Lord For giving up your son so we can be in your presents Close
Just to say Hello!!!  / Sammy McNatt Wilkins (Aunt Sam )  Read >>
Just to say Hello!!!  / Sammy McNatt Wilkins (Aunt Sam )
Dearest Derek,     I know it has been some time since I sat & just talked to you. But I have been quite busy trying to get your moms birthday present ready, & guess what?? "It.s Finally Finished!!" It turned out so beautiful you would love it. It took me almost 3 years to make it. I guess I'll just tell you what it is. It is a mirror, a Hugh like really hugh 36" x 56"  & it is in memory of you. I didn't want her to be hurt by the present, I just wanted her to know that you are our blessed angel in heaven. At least until we can all be together again. It say's "May we be blessed by an angel" In the top right hand with angel wings beside is as well as your moms birthday engraved below it, Now in the left bottom corner is where I placed your name while it states "In Loving Memory of Derek Scott Williams". with your anniversary dates which no one will ever forget. Yes,you read right engraved. I did it all by my uncordinated self. I cried everytime I worked on it. But it is finally finished. Your mom had John hang it in the bathroom so she could have you with her even as she gets ready for work, church, bed, or just because she misses you. We truly miss you here in this place called earth. Your sisters Megan & Bekkah have grown into two very Beautiful Young Ladys. You would be so proud. Oh by the way you are going to be a Great Uncle. Ash is expecting her 1st on Sept. 6th 2012. We'll disscus that at a later date & time. "I am still your Greatest Fan" Loving & Missing You So Much, only with a smile though!!!!  Aunt Sam & Uncle Jamie Hey, Lee may just go Pro, Yes, "PRO" as in Pro Baseball!!! Ash & Lee miss you too very much.
missing you  / Valorie Barnesq (Mother)  Read >>
missing you  / Valorie Barnesq (Mother)

On days like today when I look at pictures of you it just does not seem possible that you are gone. I miss your laugh. You had such a contagious spirit. I can't wait to see you again. I love you! MOM!

Time goes on, our love remains.  / Lynette (mimi) Williams (Grandmother)  Read >>
Time goes on, our love remains.  / Lynette (mimi) Williams (Grandmother)
Tomorrow marks 6 years we have been without you to hold in our arms.  We have missed you so much but we know that your are safe in the arms of our Lord.  Sometimes I still hear your laughter and there is seldom a day that I don't think of you in some way.  That is because you are still very much a part of me.  Love goes on and you will always live in my heart. Close
You made a difference  / Lynette (Mimi) Williams (Grandmother)  Read >>
You made a difference  / Lynette (Mimi) Williams (Grandmother)
Never on this earth will we know why you were taken away so soon but I have to tell you that you made a difference in our lives.  You taught us to laugh at ourselves and not to be discouraged.  You taught us to pick ourselves up when we made mistakes.  You taught us patience and unconditional love. 

It is our desire to see you again in heaven and we are one more year closer to that goal.  I love you sweet Derek.  I will always remember your bright smile and your sweet laugh.

Another Christmas with you in our hearts.

Love Mimi and Pawpaw Close
Another Christmas and another New Year without you  / Lynette Williams (Mimi)  Read >>
Another Christmas and another New Year without you  / Lynette Williams (Mimi)
I know that you are with our Lord and Saviour and your Christmas is way beyond our imagination  there in Heaven.  We are another year closer to joining you.  If I die tomorrow or if I live another 30 years, I have that assurance that I will see you again and be able to hold you in my arms and tell you just how much we all love you and miss you.  Your smile invades my thoughts when I least expect it. The funny stuff you used to say still makes me laugh inside.

You were God's great blessing to us and he is just caring for you until we can all be together again.  As 2009 is where we are now, 2005 is where part of us will always be.

Loving you forever,

Mimi and Pawpaw Close
Missing You  / Brooke Williams (sister)  Read >>
Missing You  / Brooke Williams (sister)

     I miss you so much right now.  I wish we could have one of our long talks together.  You had a way of always knowing the right thing to say.  I miss those times.  We'll see each other again... someday.

Your loving sister,

Brooke Close
Missing You  / Zachary Williams (Sibling)  Read >>
Missing You  / Zachary Williams (Sibling)


 I missed you so much today. I couldn't help remembering all the good times we had together.  It's good to remember the good times but sometimes they hurt so much. I guess that's why I try not to. I miss you so much. I always will until I see you again.




Three years have passed  / Tony Williams (Father)  Read >>
Three years have passed  / Tony Williams (Father)
Three years have passed.Still seems like yesterday.I guess the sorrow will never end! But God has given me Grace.I did what I promise God and left it all in his hands.I know that he was there to receive you in your time of need and I sure he is the only one that knows the truth

i love you  / Rebekah Barnes (sister)  Read >>
i love you  / Rebekah Barnes (sister)
i will love you forever u r my hero and always will be  i still wish u were here i want to deadicate
a song to u it is called "When You Look Me In The Eyes"from the joans brothers
I have the memory  / Valorie Barnes (Mother)  Read >>
I have the memory  / Valorie Barnes (Mother)

I have the memory of feeling the little flutter in my womb
When I was pregnant but not even big enough to show and thinking
Wow! This baby is going to be active and not knowing how true that
Would be.

I have the memory in the delivery room when the nurses were cleaning him up
And he was crying and they brought him over to me and all I did was touch his cheek
And he immediately stopped crying because he knew it was me.

I have the memory of the look in his face when I would feed him and we
Would just stare at each other like we were the only two people in the world.

I have the memory of the toddler climbing in and out of the kitchen cabinets,
On the tops of counters, and in and out of the little holes of the entertainment center.

I have the memory of the little boy at 5 years old who jumped off the back porch thinking
He could fly like super man only to fall and hit the ground and see the disappointed and
Confused look on his face and he would try again determined he was going to fly.

I have the memory of taking him to school his first day with his cousin who was in the
Same class as him and as I walked away I had more fear leaving him there than he did
Staying because he was with her.

I have the memory of watching him hold both of his sisters at the hospital when they were
Born and being so proud that he was a big brother.

I have the memory of every time he saw a baby he would go out of his way to make the
Baby smile or laugh because there is nothing like the sound of a baby laughing.

I have the memory of watching him go down to the alter at church to give his heart to the
Lord and then going to the back of the church to tell his great grandfather and grandmother
What he had done because he knew his grandfather would be proud because he was a

I have the memory of watching him with every living creature he came in contact with
Weather it be a hamster, gerbil, cat, bird or dog he was always so gentle and kind.

I have the memory when he was 13 years old and he used to play with the rottweiller
That lived across the street but stayed at our house because he loved to be with Derek.

I have the memory of when I had to tell him that same dog had been run over by a car
And at age 13 he cried in my arms saying he had just lost his best friend.

I have the memory of being on the co-cart with him when I rode with him and he was
Driving for the first time and he scared me half to death because he was so excited about
Driving me that he was like a mad scientist with a new experiment.

I have the memory of the little girls he used to have crushes on and watching him blush every
Time they talked to him.

I have the memory of taking him to get his drivers license and he was so proud to have
Gotten it.

I have the memory of the last summer we had with him and we were on the beach at
Gulf shores. He was in the water and I was on the beach watching him and thinking how
Much he had grown and was filling out and growing into the most handsome man
I had ever seen.

I have the memory of all the times he made me laugh.

And now I have not a memory but a knowing that my son is now in the arms of my
Wonderful Lord and Saviour and if I had to guess he and God are laughing together
And having a wonderful time.

I love you Derek.

Justice for our beloved Derek  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)  Read >>
Justice for our beloved Derek  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)
January 19th John Woods was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  This is what we have fought for this last 3 years.  Rest in peace with our Lord and Saviour my sweet Derek.  We will miss you forever but our love for you will never die.

Pawpaw and I miss you so much and all the family supported you with a determination to see justice done on your behalf. Close
i miss u alot  / Rebekah Barnes (sister)  Read >>
i miss u alot  / Rebekah Barnes (sister)

i miss u alot i wish u were still here u were my hero i just want to say that when i get to heaven u will be at the gates and i will hug u and give u lots of kisses

bekah/your littel sis

Missing you  / Valorie Barnes (Mother)  Read >>
Missing you  / Valorie Barnes (Mother)
Well Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is about to come and go. I miss you so much and the holidays are always so hard without you. I always eat a little bit of turkey leg at Thanksgiving in memory of you. Although I can't eat the whole thing like you used to! I  really miss you especially during the holidays but I am so glad that you are in Heaven with my Lord. I can't wait to see you and be with you again. Megan is getting so big well actually acting more grown then growing. She has her license now can you believe it. Seems like just yesterday when I took you to get yours. Now Rebekah is growing she will be taller then Megan (like aunt sam) and they both miss you alot. I visit your grave often and even though I know you are not there I feel a special presence that feels like you are there and when I go I don't want to leave. I love you son. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love Mom
"Missing you still always & forever"  / Sammy Wilkins (Aunt Sam )  Read >>
"Missing you still always & forever"  / Sammy Wilkins (Aunt Sam )
I know I have not been here or there or even where I needed to be in the past two years, but I know that you are the only one I know that is in the greatest place ever. Soon we will all be joined together as we should have been here on earth. I am newely married. You are missed sooooo much by sooooo mamy. You had what you were searching for all along & you didn't even know. Neither did any of us! I am sorry that we let you down we should have been more focused and responsible on your behalf. Now all we can do is thank Jesus for "His" way and not our's. Even though it hurt then and still now you are the one who came out the winner in the end. Cause you are the one in "Heaven" now aren't you!!!  I will continue to smile & hold my head up high cause I am so very proud of you & I know that you will be proud of me too. "Love & Miss You So!!!" Aunt Sam & that would be Mrs. Wilkins now. You would like him. See you soon in that promsied land. Close
Happy Birthday  / Valorie Barnes (Mother)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Valorie Barnes (Mother)
Derek, I know you are having the best birthday ever in heaven with our Lord and Saviour Jesus, we couldn't ask for a better birthday then that. I prayed to Jesus this morning and asked him to give you a big birthday kiss and hug from me today and I know he did. I love you son, I can't wait to see you again! Love Mom Close
You Would be proud  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)  Read >>
You Would be proud  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)
My sweet Derek,
Saturday we took Chris to Camp Shelby to go through the YCP program.  Brittney graduated last year and they both think of you and miss you like we all do.  I am glad you got to experence going through that program because it helped you so much.

We are still waiting for trial date of July 30 but we know that you are safe with Jesus and God will  and is in total control.  Tomorrow is Zach's birthday and Katelyn just turned 14 so they are really growing up.

We miss you every day.   God keep you and we will see you on the other side.

Love,,,,,,,,,,,,Mimi and Pawpaw Close
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