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Praying for justice  / Lynette Williams (Mimi(grandmother))  Read >>
Praying for justice  / Lynette Williams (Mimi(grandmother))
Derek,  We are still fighting for justice for you.  In my heart I would like to know what you would ask for your own justice.  We have a new trial date of July 30 and it is our prayer that we can obtain justice on your behalf.  

Our love for you only grows and you are ever in our thoughts.  It is brought to our mind with every new thing that happens that you were robbed of so much life that lay ahead of you.  We have just been blessed with your first neice, Alexis Nicole, and I know how proud you would have been.  With your loving heart you would have been a wonderful uncle.  Lexi will surely know all about what a wonderful person you were.

Love forever---Mimi and Pawpaw Close
Uncle Derek  / Valorie Barnes (Mom)  Read >>
Uncle Derek  / Valorie Barnes (Mom)

I just got a picture of your first niece Lexi. She is so beautiful. As I looked at that picture I could just imagine how proud you would have been to be Uncle Derek. Memories of you holding Megan and Rebekah when they were born came flooding back. But, I know that you got to see Lexi before any of us and gave her special kisses before she came to us. And you will see her again as you will see all of us again. We love you and miss you so much. It is in knowing where you are, and knowing that you are privileged to seeing things that are to come for us, that we have not even seen yet, that gives me comfort when those times come for us. It just helps in being able to share that moment with you. Love you and miss you so much. Mom Close
Years Pass By  / None   Read >>
Years Pass By  / None
I'll think of you as the years pass by
Memories of you will appear as the seasons come and go
I'll think of you in the hot summers of July
And in December when comes the first fallen snow
As the memories rain down upon my heart
I will think of the time we shared, forever.
And know that though we are now apart
Someday we will again be together
So as the last fall leaf softly touches the grass
and the golden lit clouds roll through the sky
My love for you will always last
And I'll think of you as the years pass by
Two years have passed  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)  Read >>
Two years have passed  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)
Derek,  Two years ago today we found out that you had been taken from us forever.  It was as if the world stopped turning for us.  Even now you are ever present in our thought and memories.

I know you would be excited that you are about to be an uncle.  Little Lexi will be born to Laura and Mike around May 20th.  We will tell her all about you  and how funny you were.  How you loved animals and all about your sweet caring ways.  We will be sure she knows how special you were.

I will love and miss you forever,

Mimi Close
To a great friend  / Anita Way (Friend)  Read >>
To a great friend  / Anita Way (Friend)

Our time as friends was short..and I curse myself all the time for not keeping in touch. But I will always be grateful to you because you made a tough situation so much easier. Your smile and your life and most of all your hugs helped me to get through each day and sadly I don't think I ever told you that. When no one would stand up for me you did. It's rare to find people as warm and kind and giving as you are and I'm so glad to have gotten the chance to know you. I look back at my time in Job Corps all the time, and of all the memories you seem to be in almost every one. And to your family I offer my sincerest condolences. Rest in peace my friend, I'll see you on the other side.


Anita ( Erlendsdottir ) Way Close
your always in my heart  / Rhiannon Woratzeck (cousin)  Read >>
your always in my heart  / Rhiannon Woratzeck (cousin)
derek, i will never forget the first time i met you...and we all went to Chuckie cheese for your birthday. and i will never forget when you came to visit us in missouri and you and megan saw falling snow for the first time. I miss you very much and i know i will see you again someday Close
My big brother  / Brooke Williams (sister)  Read >>
My big brother  / Brooke Williams (sister)


     Today, you have been gone for two years.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long.

     I miss you so much.  Mostly I miss our long talks.  I remember when you would tell me about your dreams and ambitions.  You use to say you were going to live in a mansion when you got older.  Well,  you have your mansion.  
     You were a great brother and a terrific person.  I wish I could have had more time with you.  I guess that's how we all feel.  You are greatly missed by so many people.  

     Someday, I will see you again.  Until then, I'll carry the sweet memory of our time together. 

Love you always,


P.S.  I always believed in you.

I miss you.  / Meghan Goodson (Cousin)  Read >>
I miss you.  / Meghan Goodson (Cousin)

      Today you have been gone for 2 years. You would have been 20 this year. But those aren't the things I remember on this day. I remember good times. I remember the time you came up to the house and you had your hair buzzed. I would pet you like the dogs. I remember playing monopoly in my livingroom and giving you loans from the bank (none of which you ever paid back lol). I remember being at your house and all of us sitting on the trampoline just talking about nothing. I remember your graduation. Seeing you in your cap and gown and feeling special because ... well really no reason at all. I guess I just felt like the big people to go to a graduation. lol. I remember the last time I saw you. Cold winter night. At the church. I remember you came up to me and put your hands over my eyes and I was thinking 'Who in the world is this? I don't know anyone here!' I turned around and it was you. You looked really nice. Button up white shirt, belt, and Jeans. Later on when we were outside I was cold and you gave me your Jacket. That is how I will remember you Derek Williams. That is how you live inside my heart. I miss you sooo much. More than you could ever imagine. I would give anything just to have you here this year. Things have changed so much. I wish I could see you now. But I know I will see you again, some day. That gives me hope. 
I love you, Derek!!! I'll love you forever!!

Your FAVORITE cousin(lol),

You're the best! Close
To my first grandson  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)  Read >>
To my first grandson  / Lynette Williams (Grandmother)
Dear Derek,

Your special gift of love and joy will always be charished and held close to our hearts.  You always brought life and laughter to everyone around you.  I am ever greatful for the last few months that we were able to spend so much time with you and really get to know you.  

I remember how teased you would get when I would tell you how special and handsome you were.  Derek, I meant those words.  You were growing into a very special young man.  You will always be missed and very much loved.

Mimi and Pawpaw Close
I love you Derek  / Laura Krzeminski (Sibling)  Read >>
I love you Derek  / Laura Krzeminski (Sibling)
My lil brother Derek, Although you and I didn't get the chance to grow up together I'd always felt we had a special  relationship. I cherish  the times we had  together. I also promise you that your niece Alexis Nicole will know who her Uncle Derek is and one happy day she'll get to meet you. I love you!! Love always Laura  Close
My Dearest Son,  / Valorie Barnes (Mother)  Read >>
My Dearest Son,  / Valorie Barnes (Mother)
Words can not express how much I miss you. I think of the good times we had daily. I think that is what gets me through this. I am so sorry for everything. I wish I would have been there for you more. I only have sorrow because I don't have you with me now. But, I know where you are and for that I am forever grateful. I only wish that while you where here you would have known how much you were loved and how many friends you really did have. I miss all the hugs and kisses and most of all I miss your laugh. I am looking forward to the day we will see each other again.  Love MoM
My Dear Son  / Tony Williams (Father)  Read >>
My Dear Son  / Tony Williams (Father)

My dear son, how I miss the times we had. I thank God for the time we had. From changing diapers to building your truck. I wish we had more time. Satan thinks he can kill, destroy and make me curse God but that doesn't work with me. God is still in charge!  We shall meet again.


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